October 6, 2009

Halloween ATC for Maria Clara

Here is the ATC I have made for Maria Clara - I posted it this morning (Wednesday 7th Oct) so hopefully it should arrive well in time for Halloween. I had embroidered the little ghost on a whim, and didn't put any thought into the way I cut it out, so when it came to using it on something, I fiddled around for hours with fabrics. Still didn't get it right! The moon is kind of upside down but again, the piece of fabric was a certain shape and I couldn't do much with it. The stitching is wobbly because I'd been doing a lot of typing and stitching earlier, so my hands were aching by the time I got to this!
Well, after all that, my friends who got to see it before I put it in the envelope, all thought it was cute, so I hope Maria agrees!

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  1. Hello,

    ¡It`s lovely!!!!!!!
    Yesterday received is beautiful Atc ' s.
    Thank you very much, I really love.