January 15, 2010

Christmas Swap with Ann (Trillian)

I have finally managed to get my swaps up to date and I thank Anne (Trillian) for being patient with me... I have taken longer to recover from my pre Christmas surgery than I had expected!

Anne's whimsical card was such a delight to receive; I wish I could draw!!!

This delightful reindeer has been coloured using oil pastel on the fabric, the outlines and details with free motion stitching.

The card I sent to her was seasonal "sequins" and beading over a black and gold fabric...there was a little 'snow' tossed in for good measure (this was created by using a white charcoal pencil - which is great for marking dark fabrics for hand quilting)

Happy New Year,



  1. Dear Robbie,
    thank you for the nice words about my card.
    I like your card too. It reminds me of a clear winter night wiht a lots of stars at the sky.
    Thank you very much

  2. what a lovely cards and don't you love the different styles! I agree with you Robbie, I wish I could draw like that. its so cute. on the other hand your atc is warm and full of atmosphere.