January 11, 2010

Xmas ATC from Cobi to Gina

Cobi's beautiful Xmas ATC arrived today - thank you very much Cobi - it is gorgeous! I love the beading; I'm a novice when it comes to embellishing with beads, and I tend to stick with simple seed beads, but the work on your ATC has inspired me to be more adventurous!


  1. Thank you Gina. I'm glad you like it. Ever since I bought a book by Robin Atkins I'm hooked on stitching beaded ribbons. I have several boxes of beadsoup for which I make a mix of small and bigger and bugle beads in a color combo. think pinks/purples, blues/silver, reds/oranges, yellows/golds/ochre.

  2. What a great effect! I must have a look for Robin Atkins books.